In short
Service based relation manager for relations between content in multiple sites

SAM is een infrastructuur gebaseerd op REST webservices waarmee je relaties kunt leggen tussen nodes in verschillende drupal sites.

De naam SAM staat voor Sustainable Axis Mundi, de mythologische term Axis Mundi refereert aan de centrale positie van dit systeem in the infrastructuur van websites.
Toen het International Centre for Research in Ecological Economics, Eco-innovation and Tool Development for Sustainability in Frankrijk de wens uitsprak voor een web van sites verbonden met relaties heb ik dit samen met het team in Frankrijk ontwikkeld.

Schema SAM - Service based relation manager
More in detail

The SAM infrastructure consists of SAM base and a SAM client module to be installed on remote systems connected to SAM base.

SAM base is a Drupal instalation where all the websites that may participate are registered and additional details are configured, like access rights and URL to the websites service.
It contains an Update manager that notifies the participating websites if a URL of one participant is changed or if for example a new participant is added.

The client module consists of two parts:
- The Presentation Satellite creates a block showing related nodes of the node you are visiting on the page. 
- The Administration Satellite can administer the relations in SAM-Base from the remote system

The SAM system is mainly used to create a web of educational sites in which the teacher can control the relations to content in other websites.
Besides that the module can also be used in Fairground portals , a project described elsewhere in my profile.



SAM presentation satellite
In the block on the right side you see the output produced by the presentation satellite. In this case the output is grouped by contenttype/entity.
SAM administration satellite
The administration page that has three sections: One to display the existing relations by contenttype/entity or by website. One to delete existing relations and finally one to create new relations to the participating websites.
SAM base
Part of the overview of participating websites as seen in SAM base.