PROJECT: Yggdrasil

In short
Catalogue of Teaching programmes and courses

Yggdrasil (Norse meaning: Tree of life) is an online presentation of the Catalogue of Teaching programmes of OVSQ (Observatoire des sciences de l' univers de l'UVSQ).

The site is multilingual.
Although I'm not a graphic designer I did create this layout which was a lot of fun.

Visitors will be stimulated to explore related content by showing related courses on the right side.
While exploring related content, visitors keep track of the Teaching Programme they have chosen before, on the left side of the page.

Yggdrasil Course page
More in detail

Teaching Programmes can be filtered by for example Study level and Teaching language

Yggdrasil Teaching Programmes listing
Teaching Programmes listing with filters
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Front page
Yggdrasil Course page
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